In Cambridge, they already stated that white people unnecessary element

Such I did not expect to hear from Cambridge, where people dream of almost from all over the world. Such deep thoughments came to Professor of the University of Cambridge

And this turns out to be not applicable to racism and fascism. It turns out that it reached Humanny Our, European Society. Perhaps everything was so bad when the rapid mind of scientific genius began to study the problems of feminism, gender, races, and although globalization, colonialism and Marxism. I, too, the balls flew away from such a cocktail. And the pretty Miss Gopal came thoughts, «that white life does not matter.» And voicing it, she immediately became a professor from an ordinary employee of Cambridge.

What did the university arrive after such a statement of her scientist? Imagine, supported. Studying that her employees have the right to express their opinion. Freedom. And if she said, something else, which now excites the whole world. I think here would have ended her freedom. Very hypocritical. And to say honestly, because there are such phrases as a call for the actions of all universities in the world. And then what will they call?

What do you think, why are such ideological actions? And simply, to intimidate the twisting mass of the middle class. Which, by the way, seeing the idiotic policy of the output of the entire economy in cheap countries began to be indignant and chose the nationally oriented leader of the USA Trump in this wave. Now everything is reasonable, the white population will not be able to speak out for the fall of his standard of living, as they have a new problem, with a black population.

Also in our country, during the revolution, when the people indicated the specific goal of all her troubles, the overthrow of the monarchy, nobles and bourgeois. And then how he lived before and after the people no longer worried. Another goal that is persecuted, digitalization and full control over people around the world. People themselves will vote for it, so that the order finally installed. Well, again, all the same stones in the garden of the present president. Show the world to what America brought her leader. And the problem was laid long before the presidency of Trump.

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