In the history of Europe there were already four EU, and they all collapse.

Increasingly, and more often from everywhere heard gloomy forecasts regarding the European Union. Well, another 10 years ago they could not take into account, but after the Eurozone left the United Kingdom, the problem became real.

True, in 1985, Greenland came out of the European Union, but then no one paid attention to this — the situation was unique, since it was not a sovereign state from the zone, and the autonomous region of another country consisting in the EU. Therefore, this output was simply an exception to the rules.

Well, it is not necessary to be a politician or economist, to understand that the European Union will disintegrate, it is only a matter of time. Moreover, it will take no 100 years for collapse, but much less, it seems that the next generation about the European Union will not remember.

So, why can you come to such a disappointing forecast about such a powerful, at first glance, the economic community? Yes, it is simply worth tracing the fate of all other economic alliances that existed in Europe long before the latter.

Such, after a thorough choice of candidates for all necessary conditions, you can choose four — this is the Ancient Roman Empire, the Sacred Roman Empire, the Napoleonic European Union and the Hitler’s European Union.

These were the most real economic unions, however, a somewhat embarrassed from this series, created by the ancient Romans, which was generally not from states, but from colonial, essentially territories, but nevertheless.

So, all these unions were based on the overall economic space by some one or two states (mainly after the Romans, it was Germany and France) in order to make it easier to develop the economy, getting rid of customs duties.

Another European Union existed longer — about 300 years in one form or another. It is said that this union was destroyed by barbarians who attacked the Roman Empire, but in fact the empire collapsed from economic separatism.

Just on the outskirts of the lands, the national elite appeared, representatives of which personal power gave much more than the lack of duties. At the same time, the separatists acted even in Rome itself, lobbying the interests of the subjective rome of the territories.

How it ended — we know. The first European Union has collapsed together with the Roman Empire in the IV century, and the trade and economic anarchy has come in Europe. The second European Union arose in the second half of the X century — it was the sacred Roman Empire, founded by the German king by Otten.

Formally, this Union has existed already before the beginning of the XIX century, but in fact he fell apart from 200 years after his institution, when the sets of small states that were included in the «empire», realized that the center did not give them anything, but only rob.

The Third European Union appeared after the Great French Revolution, when Napoleon with military force conquered the whole of Europe to the limits of the Russian and Ottoman Empires, and obliged conquered States to introduce a trade blockade against repeated England.

It collapsed this community after the unsuccessful hike of Napoleon to Russia, having existed less than 10 years. The fourth European Union began to be created by Hitler in 1939, and was completely formed in June 1941, just before the attack on Russia.

And again, England fell out of this union, which Hitler failed to conquer. And again this union broke up after an unsuccessful Hitler’s campaign to Russia. Almost 5 years have passed from creating before decay. Thus, the current European Union is already the fifth in the history of Europe.

Of course, it is not necessary to be a skeptic, but for some reason it seems that he has existed very much, so to speak, in its historical dimension. Of course, there are still some states to adopt in the EU, but most likely they will become that straw, which breaks the camel ridge.

The fact is that the EU is based as an economic alliance of several powerful states. And afterwards, after the collapse of the USSR, it was decided to «refress» for themselves as soon as possible, so as not to go to Russia, which at some point showed a tendency to revive.

However, as it turned out that this decision was erroneous. All this «trifle» was not able to produce any useful Europe product (well, of course, everything was focused on the USSR market!) And it hung around the neck with the EU, not wanting to develop, but I know how to dance money perfectly. Back, however, do not work out, you have to endure and scroll.

Well, you should not think that the wallet of Germany and France is the same tight, which was still 10-15 years ago. Even the rich Europe is rapidly poorly, and the reasons for this are very good — cheap slave in the countries of the Third World, where Europeans translated their industry, rapidly becoming more expensive, respectively, revenues are sharply reduced.

Secondly, new technologies no longer bring those launches that Europeans received in the 80s -90s, and even in 2000 — China, Japan and Korea gradually displacing the European product from world markets. Thirdly, the trading war of Europe began with the United States, and this is where as serious than the first two reasons for the infringement of Europe.

All this only confirms the confidence of many well-informed historians in the fact that the moment is not far from the mountain, when the next European Union collapses, like all its predecessors. In principle, it is already cracking on the seams, and it is not a markedly armed eye.

By the way, there is still an opinion that all these European uniforms were created more to counteract the East in a military plan. It’s not even an economy. As soon as she experienced her strength on countering the East and made an attempt to aggression, East simply came and crumble all the eurities unity. Now Europe is the same way.

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