In the US, chaos, and our liberals are modestly silent

Yes, somehow did not work out the topic. The liberals did not quite expect, that like this, in the malt and sample of democracy in the world, such a bonding can happen. On the central body, the channels are certainly told about the situation in

«And what to say here?»

It was expected. Several months of sitting on the houses, when the American system is not ready for a snone even for a day, it turned out in such a problem. It was enough to light the situational match and the matter went.

Moral energy release, which coped many days. In politics there is such an installation, people need to constantly work in order not to reflect on their position. Work distracts from bad thoughts. But here, people sat and thought. Rather, they thought about how to live, possibly lost work, with debts and feeling that they were forcibly turned into

And most importantly, it is a huge blow to the image of the president

Now many states are deprived of the opportunity to have a national leader, who are interested, without careful, in the prosperity of their country.


It is clear why our liberals are silent. Now, another task. Remove from the presidential post

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