Is it possible to receive a call if you are silent in the tube

You probably had to deal with the situation when the challenge is received on your phone, but on the other «wire» when picked up the tube persistently silent? Many say that such calls have now become frequent. In this situation, we will try to figure out with you. Is it possible to raise the tube if the wire is silent on the other end?

The question of course is already with a trim. How do you know who calls you? Suddenly this is an important call? Since you have already managed to raise the phone, then the situation is already a faithful fact. But who is calling and why are silent, it is more interesting. The main thing is that it threatens each of us.

Previously, they earned telephone fraudsters. They were registered through the services of paid rooms and NAVAUM called telephone numbers in automatic mode. Seeing that you missed the call, you made an attempt to get through into the opposite. And then, while you spoke «Hello, Hello» into the phone, a commemorative or fixed payment was written from your phone.

Imagine if the fraudsters did thousands of such calls and 25-50 rubles were written off every person. Now registering on such services complicated, after mass complaints. Therefore, this type of punishment was not relevant. Why continue to call? Do you know what an advertising base is created for a call or SMS mailing with various offers?

Overview of all variations of telephone numbers are automatically carried out. Raised the phone, then the number is active. Wait, soon the call from a private dental polyclinic or legal office. You will be offered services and will most likely be a robot. This is relatively harmless, but sometimes begins to just annoy.

In our Krasnodar Territory, such calls come from rents or lawyers. Write, what calls do you come in the region? Fight here in principle not with anyone. But you can complain to a specific organization that uses forbidden legislation of spam dispatch. In any case, everything will be closed on the customer.

And yet, a small recommendation. Do not replenish your phone account for large sums. Keep a balance on a small reserve. It is not yet a fact that fraudsters making paid calls completely stopped their activities. And so that you do not have large sums from your account after someone else’s call, it is better to keep reasonable amounts on the balance sheet.

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