Judging by the History Channel, the USSR helped Europe a little to defeat Hitler

He stopped blindly believing everything that he says and shows the historical TV channel «History», after at the very beginning of the winged TV series «Vikings». While the plot did not touch the topic of Russia. I would not even wish such an enemy. As we all survived, if you adhere to the plot, I can not even imagine.

And so, the new surprise from this historical canal of our Western «friends.» It turns out that we have helped Europe to overcome fascist Germany. In how! The expert of this channel Christopher Klein, published an article «How ended the Second World War?», Where he mentioned the role of our country in the victory over Hitler’s Germany:

This is the most significant fact mentioned for the Stalingrad battle. And not a word that we defeated 100,000 the army of Paulus, forcing her to surrender. Further, when the allies opened the second front, we have already been practically at the borders of the USSR. And the author mentioned in such a way that they had previously previously led active fighting.

And it says the author who should know that out of 220 German divisions, 165 fought on the Eastern Front with our Soviet army. Next, Klein writes that:

The minus, which was written by Klein, was only 7 degrees of frost. This is December 26, 1944. Let’s compare with our frost, in December 1942 near Stalingrad — 21 degrees. But for Klein, this is not a significant fact. The next opus is even more interesting. It turns out the allies of Bombing Dresden and other cities, while moving Rhine and moved to Berlin, so scared Hitler that he decided to part with life.

Where is the information about the fact that Soviet troops have already stormed Reichskancelyaria, leading fire from tanks on the building? And the final words of Christopher Klein, especially interesting. On the defeat of the Japanese army. The destruction of 150,000 peaceful inhabitants of Japan, after a nuclear strike, it turns out to be led to the victory and surrender of the country of the rising sun.

This after almost a million kwantung army has already been almost crushed. And there were few days or even hours before her passing. And the United States thus put a fat point in this story, passing his ally on the coalition of the USSR. I wonder what story will our descendants know, after such materials and presentations on TV channels?

What do friends think, write in the comments. Who wants to familiarize himself with Klyina Opus, can you read the article on the site of the channel History with the article «Now Did World War II End?» From you like, repost and subscription!