Kuban will be self-employed from July 1, 2020.

Literally before the new year, I closed the IP. It was very expensive to deal with when family problems associated with the mother’s disease began to take almost all the time. And the insurance premiums must be decent, even if it did not work. Very hoping for a more democratic and simple system

And here, how fortunately the news appeared about the possibility of becoming self-employed in the Kuban, now from July 1, 2020. It was especially interested in me, as it was assumed that in addition to the Moscow workshop

How this opportunity will be perceived on

A lot of so-called «Tijuns», which, under any conditions, try to get away from taxes. But as I know, hearing «among the people», soon they will be difficult for them to look for a clientele, since control purchases are possible and hope for the influx of customers on recommendations, it can also be difficult. I think fines, may increase significantly.

In Kuban, we live the people of the master. Here we manage to keep yourself and our private house, receiving no more

This question will especially be relevant on the coast. In view of the current situation, go to the self-employment of accommodation in hiring at the resort period, will even be profitable and easier. The main thing is that this resort period be. But so far, about the possible transition of the Kubans for self-employment, it seems early. It is not yet known how most business people suffer, forced two months. Will there be money to continue any activity.

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