Last generations of children who bring up grandmothers

Yes, our old men will soon have to work more and more for the benefit of our capitalist future. Want you do not want, and we have been awarded the role of the country where old people we have the most healthy and happy, well, just like Europeans or Americans. What to sit at home, fervent their days alone. Forward, to work and the good of the country!

You know, I sometimes thought, maybe the truth is so better. After all, this is the fact that the people of the retirement age, leading to a pension and losing the correspondence that was at work, life on a schedule, which mobilizes, is beginning to miss, listen to their sores and generally feel that here it and old age came. And this, hesitates morally and psychologically.

Maybe the truth is better to be in humans and feel your need for society? What do you think? But how will the question of families in families, with grandmothers, who come to their retirement took possession and care of grandchildren with grandmothers. While the children of our old people are forced to work for days to cover all debts for housing, communal, loans and other charms and the need of our civilized life.

Yes, the question remains open. Perhaps our government did not even think about it. And how can you think, if our deputies and hired educators are engaged in such issues of our deputies. Our folk aligned, have long been «folk» in quotes. We do everything as in the West, just forget about decent salaries.

The only thing that calms, everything changes every year. Today adopted the law, tomorrow was canceled. In addition, I do not want to be the generation to which for several years, instead of a pension at work, you will have to see the grandchildren and less often. Like grandchildren, their grandfathers and grandmothers. It is old men, now they don’t allow the ultimately defamious to our young generation until the end, still laying them the best of the USSR.

Therefore, our children still know Soviet fairy tales, songs and games from Soviet childhood. After all, now, during the democracy, they did not create anything for the development of children. Only «colorless» in the spiritual plan of children’s books, which do not even remember the vdka. Or cartoons that children absorb thoughtlessly, not even trying to sing from him a loved song. As it was with us with

It is quite possible, now the last generations of children grow, who will still remember that their grandmothers raised them. What do you think this will be our future? Write in the comments about your opinion on this topic.

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