«Living Steel — 2», what we expect from the film premiere

Fans of the first part of the film

I think, first of all, people loved this film for the realism of the plot. In the real world, information is already often emerging that there are fights of robots somewhere. Yes, and our Russian masters of robotics not so long ago showed the exciting battle of robots in the arena. Of course, not so huge as in the film. But even small forms caused human interest.

Since the time of ancient Rome, the people also wishes bread and spectacles. And if bread still has on our tables, with movies due to well-known events, it fails across all the schedules of the exit. So, the second part

Otherwise, the film company can incur tangible losses and will not return even all invested funds. Although the director of the second part performed


The film became popular both in the world and in our country. Expectations only spur interest and excitement. Groups and chats are created, where fans discuss all the details of the past and upcoming film. We hope the yield at the end of the year will still take place. Only where to watch? We have in the Kuban, still do not work cinemas. And the prospects are ghostly. Only online cinemas remain. But we are patient!

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