Maybe again revive «philosophical steamboats»?

There was such a fact in the history of Soviet Russia, called

Under the expulsion then 225 people got: doctors, professors, business people, writers, engineers, lawyers, politicians, religious figures and even students. As then counted, it is impossible to tolerate their screaming about heavy times, the collapse of the country and all industries. What with such people, it will be difficult to build a new country. Their activities on the effects on the mass decided to stop, simple expulsion. Hard measures were taken.

Remembering this fact of our story and watching as now, some of our intelligentsia and the figures of their other areas, they are not multiplied about Russia, as they do not like one thing, then another, even people who involuntarily think, and whether such «philosophical steamboats are not revived «. After all, it looks like an example from life. You were invited to the table, gave the best dishes and drinks, you caught and start scolding, for nothing in vain the hostess of the table.

I already wrote in the article

Do not blame me with your favorite many epithets, «Muck», «about Kremlin» (and then you will then be?), «Scoop», etc. I am «married» in my country and as in the woefulness of newlyweds, «and in Mount And in joy, «I will stay with her forever. And I do not like when my «wife», incomprehensible personalities swear the last words. A normal man, always stands up for his wife and for his homeland. And problems? They are not visible to everyone with an armed look.

And correct problems, it is not necessary for the language and mockery. It is necessary to change thinking to everyone, not to be a jackal of the swords. Many Libya received democracy, when social support for the population was envy and the USSR from modern Russia? She got a social bottom. The future of Russia seems to me not in copying democracy, which has now become disconnected by society. And we are dissatisfied with the handful of people, now everyone offers to sit on the «philosophical steamer».

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