Most amazing couriers in the world

Do you know that in our time when the work courier work turned out to be the most popular, there are couriers that never stay without good tips? And also without gratitude and smiles. And they are not even people. No, it’s not robots, we have not stepped out so far, although the movement in this direction is already being done. I am talking about flying drones that are still performing experimental delivery of small-sized items.

Our same couriers, these are our smaller brothers. Basically dogs, different breeds. In Russia and abroad, they often perform the work of the courier or a guide for people with disabilities. Cases of performance of the courier from delivery services in Russia has not yet found, but they are quite enough outside our country. Perhaps it’s all about the permits and bureaucracy that we are famous.

The Facebook network is gaining popularity of the post about the Singapore dog, which works for four delivery services and never remains from Tippet. You probably would also give such an employee not only a snack? More adjusted legislation allows companies to use the work of such employees. Basically in East Asian countries. Although, it seems to me that it is just a good PR service delivery services.

In the US, there are also four-legged pizza delifers. True, you immediately understand, such photos or videos differ very well in social networks, and this is relatively not expensive PR delivery company. Definitely dogs or even cats will not be able to be full couriers, when the most important shipping rate. I personally, when Hungry is and evil, and here I will bring my pizza here is such a courier.

I think not all people really adequately perceive such a delivery. There are people squeaming from nature. And if the company does not notify the client about such a courier in advance, I do not know how it can perceive the fact of finding the food product on the dog. Therefore, by and large, this is the ability to propagate your business, no more.

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