New breakthrough electric car in Russia Kama-1

Well, finally, in Russia, we were able to offer the market for electric cars a new development. The name, the new brainchild of domestic designers received, «Kama-1». Yes, consonant with the famous brand of trucks «KAMAZ» is not accidental. Since the company «KAMAZ» and «New Production Technologies» NTI SPBU participated in the creation of the car.

Like all electric cars, «Kama-1» will be an expensive car. Its price is about 1,000,000 rubles. The cost can be increased if the buyer wants not only the basic options, but also extended. For example, an intellectual assistant and others. I immediately had a thought, how will such cars will work in the context of Russian winters and frosts?

As developers say, the car is ready to withstand the extreme cold to -50 degrees Celsius. Accelerate up to a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, perform mileage up to 300 kilometers until recharging is required. By the way, it will be required to be required from 20 to 30 minutes. Engine launch is possible at -15 degrees Celsius overboard.

Like everything is now environmental in the world, pleasure it will be expensive. Guaranteed can be counted for any interest of motorists in megalopolis and other major cities. Where it may be possible to meet the charging stations. But not in the province. Moreover, under the current, not prosperous conditions. The time for the start is not entirely successful.

But as they say, we will see. The government promised a discount of 25% when purchasing electric vehicles produced in Russia. What already significantly reduces the cost. If I would think about buying such a car, taking into account the calculated from the distance of my daily trips, «Kama-1» would be of course, an ideal solution for a small provincial city.

As all new, electric vehicles will undergo the process of development and adaptation to perception among motorists. It is already clear that there is a future for such a transport. The whole problem is only in the power supply capacitance. But everything is solved and the technique does not stand still. It is already nice that we have movement in this direction in Russia. Especially with the participation of the glorious domestic brand «KAMAZ».

Friends, what do you think, have the future in such cars? Would you like such a car? Let’s discuss in the comments. Like, subscription, repost!