On the example of Orlov, we after 40 years it is worth fighting for life

By forty years, many men or women become either successful people or lower their hands. There is even such an opinion in society if you have not achieved anything to this age, nothing will happen. Men are mostly cutting or becoming flawless old men. Women cease to monitor themselves and also go into breadth, swaying their bitter life.

You may have my reader, also from this category of persons. You know, too forty. And life for me is not a paradise bush, but an eternal struggle with circumstances. A sedentary lifestyle at the computer also began to affect my physically. Even a trip to the store was like a hundred meter jogging with shortness of breath and seamless. And there was one spoon of tar in my situation, Mom fell into the hospital with complications on sugar.

Only here I realized. This is not life, but slow fuss. In the hospital to the mother only went on foot, also back. This is 1 hour 30 minutes of movement. I went to part-time by the promoter (worked so hard, which even praised) for 3 hours. Did not stand in place, constantly in motion. Already for a month, my physical condition and sensation changed. It became much easily and breathing and working with a heart.

I do not know if I can convince you now that you can take your life and manage it, and not so that you led the circumstances. When changing, you will begin to strive to change everything around yourself and implement in life. Perhaps you will now read my article and close it, as always returning to the same and again dissolved in its complexes and problems.

But I want to finally be convinced of you to change your life in your power, on the example of such a proud and beautiful bird as an eagle. Do you know that the eagles also come problems at the age of 40? At this time, it becomes very long claws, it becomes difficult for him to hunt and extract food. Long beak makes it difficult. The plumage becomes thick and eagle is difficult to continue to fly.

Only the units of Orlov are surrendered and go into non-existence. Others make a long way to convert themselves, long in 150 days. Fucking in the mountains and returned in the nest, the eagle of the day beats the beak about the rock, until it breaks the beak and he will not disintegrate. Then he waits for a long time until the new beak would grow and allow him to snatch old claws. Then, again waits and already new claws pulls out its old plumage on the chest and wings.

And so, after a whole five months of incredible suffering, proud bird, descends from the mountains, revived as Phoenix to live for another 30 years, in this amazing and beautiful world. Never talk about suffering, do everything to overcome them and even after 40 years, new opportunities will be revealed to you, which you have already stopped even dreaming.

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