Only Ukrainian language in schools, which is waiting for Russians in Ukraine

We probably still in Russia are not entirely democratic. We do not prohibit national languages in schools, but on the contrary we will assign certain hours to study them. After all, we are accused of Ukraine that we have no democracy here, it is almost a tyrant. As we live, I do not know! So came from Ukraine news about the transition in schools to the study of only Ukrainian language and teaching only on it.

Democratic? Well, yes, since Ukraine supports the entire world community. I’m just wondering how you can turn up with my legs to the head so that people take everything like obedient lambs. No, the western interest is clear, to do everything to separate Ukraine at all even mentality from Russia. Everything for the upcoming War of West and Russia, for this they need Ukrainians, so that as always, the Slavs of Slavs killed.

They can manipulate there, learned. For all time, while the Ukrainian ethnos was formed, the language has undergone about 14 reforms. Basically became famous in this Poles. Specially changing words and making them not similar to Russian. Read sources, there is information about it. It turned out that even the Bulgarians are better understood than the neighbors of Ukrainians.

Back in the 1970s, even though I was still small, but I remember well that the Ukrainian language at that time was not as modern. Then we were near Odessa, in Yaskah. The Ukrainian language seemed to be a little wonderful, but clear. Now, without a translator, it is already difficult to disassemble something. All this time, the work was carried out on the liquidation of Russian affiliation.

Europe always tried to sprinkle and chew a piece of Slavic lands. Once they succeeded in Prussia, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia. Now you do not need to fight, there are mass media of any forms that reformat generations of people within the country. And people forgetting their roots go towards the artificial world, who prepared for them.

And there appears in new, established states a centuries-old history, separate from the community of people in which they were actually formed. What awaits Ukraine now? What will happen to the Russian language? And there will be something that our «colleagues» seek. The Russian language will leave, of course, not immediately, but two more generations and our Russians are no longer afraid of the neighbors without a translator. Like us.

But you do not think that everything calms down on this. Divide and rule! This principle, our opponents use no one century. Next appetites will grow. And the peoples that, for them we are biomass, which is ordered to be executed. No wars, only promises that everyone will have a house with lawn, as in Europe, a salary for a good life, etc. People as natives who were seduced by glass beads.

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