Pensioners of Russia and the Arab Emirates, the difference and this is only one oil

How are we in Russia? We produce subsoil, oil, gas and still dozens of minerals, sawing forests, catching fish, grow hundreds of vegetable and fruit plants, produce and sell military equipment and more than doing more, the Russian has something to occupy. And we are waiting that at the end of your employment journey we will receive the believed spot and rejoice in the annual indexation within one thousand people.

True, the work path slightly imitated, so it is very good if you can avoid a completely different way. So we live in the concerns of our and state, which does not throw us on the arbitrary of fate and gives support. They lived not rich and not necessary. Rather, it is necessary, but we do not know what it is and «with what it is, so to speak.» And suddenly the pensioner from the Russian pension of 50-100,000 rubles will begin to shoot the world as a Chinese. Horror!

But our Arab brothers from the Arab Emirates live in generally badly. One oil they have. Tourists in melts shrugged in boutiques and beaches. It is difficult for them. There is no such abundance as we. A lot. They build indoor ski resorts from poverty. There is no snow, but I want it as we have happy. Skyscrapers are building, as the land is not enough, and that solid sand. And every day, they swing and swing their oil unhappy, since they did not have much from birth.

So, they are there Arabs and work from 18 years old on heavy, oil and other works, their businesses raise. As many as 25 years required to obtain a pension. And now the unfortunate for forty years are forced to retire, which the state is directly driven by the state to get some

In general, the pension of the Emirates is calculated at the last place of work and turns out

They are going in the evening, the Arab men and dream that they would ever heal because in Russia. Just a lot. Not only oil. So for conversations and go years, children grow. As soon as the three appeared, you just forcibly forcibly forgiveness. Well, is it so possible, but what about the purpose in life, thoughts about money, how to finish them? Oh not fair, do not think about people there.

I live in Russia and I think. How good that our country has such. Everything is and not only oil. Torture to be checked with the Mendeleev table. And the pension is worthy of us, just what you need. Well, how do these Americans begin to be in good, as they? We will not live as they for cordon, not our. After all, what joy comes to our house, how to add a couple of hundred rubles to our pension.

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