Rusophobia Anglo-Saxes is already off.

While the whole world suffers from biological danger and is isolated, messages about us, Russians began to appear in the Western world. Again, we began to blame us that since we do not have such a difficult situation, as in other countries, the Russians are to blame. And we also find yourself, somehow on special, treat this situation. Fearlessly. Or maybe we have already ceased to be afraid, our share has fallen a lot for all the years.

Recently there was an interesting joke on this topic.

Our flirting in front of the West, Humanitarian Medical Assistance, do not help us feel brothers, one blood. Anyway, accusations will be raised to use the situation in their favor. Type, we are trying to drive a wedge in a situation with the European Union.

I can not remember, in the coming years, any domestic film in which America or Europe would appear in a negative light. But our friends on the planet, such ideological traps appear very often. Recall the British fantastic series released in 2019

Do not confuse this series with the same name, also released in 2019, but the time of action there is modernity. So, in the series about actions in the XIX century, the leitmotif sounded that it was not aliens for the UK on the plot, but the Russians. Yes, Russian Empire. I do not know, it may be worth proud that we could consider so developed technologically.

In another series, already 2020 called

And how we were shown in antiquity in the last season of the series

What do we do? And nothing. We do not apply to European courts, for Russian themes in artistic works. We can see in history not the most affected by the people affected by racial hatred. Our victims, only our and the world to know about it not interesting. It remains only not to be like him, but to develop their country and their Russian world, in a distorted, sense understanding.

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