Russia and the island state of Vanuatu, when reaching their standard of living

No, well, not a shame that our country has the greatest reserves of all world minerals that are mined, sold throughout the planet, in terms of the level of living lags behind the most remote Oceania Islands, southern Pacific. Where, in addition to the beautiful and wildlife of attracting tourists, there is practically nothing.

You know, wandered through the spaces of the Internet and here my gaze attracted a comparison of the living level of these guys, in the projected bandages posing for tourists and our simple Russian. The question is why we are only forced to spoil all your life in harmful production, if in this country —

Our minimum salary for today

The same situation in the countries of Southeast Asia is loved by our tourists. Also limited the role of foreigners and the local population is put on the first place. After all, of all, of course you understand that we have a relatively small population for the sizes of our country allocated for everyone not enough social support.

What our ancestors would say that the Millennium defended our land from a different type of enemies, that their descendants were forced to see how everything leaves with the hammer, and the money in the treasury is always not enough. And that modern inventors are financiers who come up with all new and new taxes, fees, fines. It is difficult to see how the sociality of our society from the USSR period more and more.

Here are still statistics for the relations of our region of Tomsk and Vanuatu. average salary

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