Russia has no self-politics.

Only recently the past is my keyboard in the description of what is happening.

But as you can see, the policy is not at all independent and at least we try to allegedly confront the West, all the same starts to occur with us. What happened? And the demolition of the monument to Russian soldiers happened —

Immediately after installation, the appeal to the administration of the city of Sochi from 50 people, citizens of Russia and Turkey demanding to remove the «Split Society» Monument. With its existence «on the ground» of Circassians, he insulted their national feelings. For information, in the territory of the Sochi district lives

The authorities, always passing by the ears of other people’s discontent about the installations of various cultural and historical objects this time reacted instantly. A group of workers arrived and dismantled in a few hours the established monument. I note, everything happened not in the territory of national autonomy, such as the Republic of Adygea. And on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. Until now, Circassians consider these lands with their, rejected by them as a result of the conquest policies of the Russian Empire.

As you can see, as in America, the past interferes at present, there are many questions that, as I think, actively began to warm up manipulators in the West. But it was with the arrival of Russia on these lands finally stepped up. The constant raids of the horseshicles on the Cossack settlements on the Don, the slave trade in Russian and other slaves in the future Anapa and other settlements ceased to work. The feud among the Circassian tribes themselves.

But the disputes as understandable can flare up with a new force, especially if they are still periodically heated. Different forces are trying to achieve their goals using international events. In this chaos, there are now in the world, there is also its goals. And if we are trying to abstract from all that is happening in the West, observing the order created by our ancestors, it is increasingly difficult to do. Since it is already splitting situations from inside.

By the way, just recently shook another news. Israel addresses the issue of 150,000 African refugees accumulated on these territories. Selected place. Of course, wherever Russia and the territory of Dagestan and Chechnya. In this regard, negotiations are underway. Finding and transporting refugees Israel is ready to pay as the reverse return.

But something seems to me, it would be said, forget not long. I’m not sure that such a large number of Africans will be resettled to us, but to import the problem to our territory, even in the origins of which we did not stand, stupid. But to draw us into international chaos attempts are made, very persistent. What do you think friends, can Russia be able to resist this western insanity? And what should we do?

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