Russian teachers know more elections than ordinary citizens

So passed the next elections. In particular, the election of governors and deputies of the municipal assembly. I listened about their results from my first person to my friend, which rankled into the municipal assembly from the Communist Party. Although I already knew the result in advance, all the candidates from the party of United Russia will be held, which actually happened. Here is a predictor.

As it happened that all people living next to the polling station, where my friend met with people and they expressed her confidence and the desire to see her to the deputy to help solve their questions, suddenly all the scope reoriented to other candidates, the mystery of nature. Although my mother-in-law was once a teacher at school and often participated in election commissions, so I am familiar with the situation as these very elections pass.

If someone knows the secrets of the election events, then these are native teachers of our children with you. With their silent participation and all the actions that we observe in our reality occur. This is understandable, the elections pay well and even despite fines for the illegal issuance of ballots from 200 to 500,000 rubles, correctional work or imprisonment up to 4 years, which manipulations still occur.

You know, I would recommend to the future elections to keep the shooting of people lowering bulletins in the urn and compare with the number of bulletins. Although there may also be strange transformations when counting. And in general, statistics are not grateful. At the output and with proper control, you can always enter the desired numbers. I can say one thing. All people after the elections are very surprised, asking each other for whom who walked to vote.

For us, for example, the town is mainly with the predominance of pensioners who always go to vote for the Communists. But in the end, as always, the first one. As my friend said, the chairman of the election commission was long interested in her after the elections, who she was such that she gathered so many votes. How so unknown where the candidate appeared, who caused confidence in humans. The manipulator of the truth itself did not understand what was told about the true results.

I can not say that all the teachers are so bad that knowing how the elections are going on the illegal business. By the way, think about the future, it is now seriously punished and you can get problems with whole sites and no one will cover you. But definitely, the teachers are the only people in our country who know the whole truth about the elections and their results. I hope people of a respected profession selling their conscience will become less and less.

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