Showing what the world surprised the Soviet national team at the Olympics in Japan in 1972

This time we will not talk about the achievements of the Soviet team of athletes at the Winter Olympiad in Japan in 1972. Although our country has shown himself brilliantly,

Compared to other athletes from all over the world, also trying to stand out from the total mass of countries and peoples, our team was remembered along a rich appearance. According to the season, our athletes were dressed in accordance with the Russian spirit. In fur stripes and caps. And of course, strongly allocated on a general background. The Soviet government did not regret the money.

Now we would have attributed all sins of the world of animal defenders. How many animal skins were spent on this branded outdoor equipment. But then, by this step, we have shown all the wealth, and the power of the country. As it would now be strangely sounded. The times of course have changed, as well as attitudes towards us in the world.

I think if at that time our country was forced to perform without state symbolism on the form, flags, as it happened quite recently, we would just boycotted such an olympiad. Perhaps I am mistaken and there were similar moments, then correct me in the comments.

Many Soviet athletes, understanding the historical significance of this moment and the peculiar «monumentality» of the team, even actively poses and starred on the camera. There are a lot of such frames and these photos can be found on the Internet in large quantities.

From the Soviet period, our Fashion changed significantly. My city of Labinsk in Kuban, for example, was always famous for the rich fur market, where wholesale buyers came out from all over the country. There it was always possible to purchase and fur coats and caps of the Ushanki. But the fashion changed.

Now men and women are mostly worn by knitted hats. I will not say that it is very warm, but practical. And the main thing is not very expensive. But in Russian North, Siberia, the Far East, and the central part of Russia, they still continue to wear fur things. And now they can be purchased in online stores, relatively not expensive.

History has kept this rather interesting fact of the performance of our Soviet national team. Look at the top photo, with what pride goes our athletes. It was the time when the Soviet athlete was important to the honor of the state and team, and not an account with several zeros in a foreign bank.

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