The case from my youth in the USSR associated with the photo stickers from the GDR

Who will not ask, at the expense of these old photos of stickers from the GDR, most people answer me that they had such, one or more. And half answered me that now on old things, ranging from guitars, mirrors, motorcycles, televisions and ending with old cars, everywhere there were these surprisingly beautiful girls at the time.

I already confess, thought: people, you did not change the furniture from Soviet times? Who is now buying, really only young people watch new furniture trends? Anyway. The times as were and remain heavy, now many are not to fat. Young need to help, here it is all new. Sad. And then they will also live with their youth furniture.

Talking the truth today I have not about that. An article came across my eyes, for these, still Soviet times stickers with girls from the GDR. And flooded memories. Sitting with a guitar by the fire. Dreaming of your girl to music from my radiol. And all these items were stickers with beautiful, at the time of the German girls. What we were in them then, I do not know. I look with other eyes.

I want to tell you about my memories associated with these translation photos. As my friend got under the distribution of his wife, for one such a translation photo. It was up to any rearrangements. I was still the army, and my friend, older than me in age, was already served and managed to create a family. The girl was simple as he himself. Both immediately plunged into all the lives, work, home and rare our gatherings behind the conversation.

Here in one of these meetings, he told me, as a misunderstanding, his wife joined him to such a photo. I managed to stick it with a photo on the dashboard in the car. The joy and pending beauty were not long. Wife took for the «breast» and began to demand confessions. Who is this? Explanation that this picture with the German actress was not passed.

Our time was then not as information as now. Photo on the phone and here are hundreds of analogs photos with a detailed description who this actress and where. Then it passed everything more difficult. A friend argued that it was not his passion, but the simplest German actress and such translation photos a lot. Did not help. I had to go to the library and shock his Katerina a bunch of magazines, but there was no such actress from the GDR.

Suspicions were fixed. And then my friend did not have anything, how to go and ask friends who have the same stickers. He found two guys, at one on the guitar, with another motorcycle similar specimens. And led these friends to his wife as witnesses of their infallibility. Already after, discussing this incident with him and his wife, we dared. No matter how I was looking for Katerina such an actress, I could not do it.

Everything is simple. In the bulk of course, then transferable with German actresses and singers were produced, but there were also our stars from the USSR and even from Poland and other countries. Therefore, Katerina and could not find a similar portrait from the GDR, the girl was polol. Now I think it would be laughter, if he came to Pugacheva. Here are me memories of translation photos from the GDR.

For many years have passed, young people do not understand us that in those days we are fans even from such little things in life. Much was in the wonder. And the most interesting thing, I do not feel the most interesting thing that we are somehow poorly and slaughtered. Probably because, then, the freedoms above the restructuring were bought in the restructuring. And we can now say that everything in life has seen everything, there is something to compare with.

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