The Ministry of Finance offers even thoroughly dig in the wallets of citizens

More and more «please» innovations into our lives. It is assumed that they can enter into force from December 2020. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has prepared amendments to civil and budget codes, with a proposal to transfer copies of citizens to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the legality of which they cannot prove. As the newspaper Izvestia writes, this bill is submitted to the government.

In the Duma, most votes have already supported this initiative. At the same time, there is a refusal to ratify the 20th article of the UN Convention on Combating Corruption, which had to touch the officials and their illegal enrichment for which they should be punished. Selected another way, the fight against the most protected part of the country. What it will lead, it is already clear. The wave of locks and the withdrawal of citizens, as it was recently with suspicious card operations.

I do not see reasonable grain. While we are invited to switch to electronic calculations and storage of funds in banks, we all put sticks in the wheels. After all, showing funds people will become less and less using cash. Again leaving the shadow. It is not clear even the minimum amount that can cause suspicion of her illegality. People are actively now enabled between maps and quite likely the amount you have taken from a friend or relative will immediately fly to the FIU.

I think it is only the beginning for further control of citizens by the state. And not those who in all civilized countries are special control. The next stage may be the withdrawal of suspicious cars, apartments and cottages. Again, the property of those who need to be really controlled is legally registered in foreign countries. Justice and equality of all before the law of the country, as you understand.

Even more, which is disturbing, execution of the law. It can be used by anything, for reducing, coercion to the loyalty of people who will be afraid of losing everything that is acquired over many years and the acquisition of what happens after the past years will be difficult to prove. All who will protest automatically in the risk group. I do not know which videos every time he gives out all new and new buns on the mountain, but every innovation is only in negative attitude towards citizens.

I will not say that the misties of the State Department agents, or such a human-loving policy of our relatives, government officials, but the actions taken in a similar vein are not very intelligent. We are very actively fighting with various extremist organizations and very successfully. Maybe it was worth it and in lawmaking to check where the legs from anti-people and anti-state initiatives grow? Which already worsen the life of ordinary citizens.

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