The opposition of red and white continues.

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Therefore, homeless and attack cities and their streets, especially in the south of the country, as there, there is still a state territory and it will be difficult to drive from there. These are the laws on the inviolability of private property. But let’s talk about our country. My indignation caused the case that occurred recently in Sterlitamak. And he concerned, attempts to demolish the local entrepreneur

The monument, from the words of the entrepreneur, was installed on the redefined territory, there was a supermarket and office premises nearby, the territory of which was

He also organized night duty to prevent repeat attempts. If the entrepreneur really established a monument on the redefined territory, then before making any actions in government officials should have been a court decision on such actions. But they stubbornly argued that Kolchak Bust is located in the municipal territory.

In addition, one of the officials spoke that it would not allow to exist such a monument, as his grandfather fought for it. The entrepreneur could not convince the arguments that Kolchak was not only a Belog Guard General, but before scientist, a fleet and a polar explorer. And rightly served our country. But politics, red against whites worked traditionally not in favor of white.

The monument was still demolished. I do not even know how to evaluate the occurrence of the conflict of century ago. We remove films about the life of Alexander Kolchak, who broadcast on the first channel, but there is no consensus in society. An unpleasant feeling is present, since the demolition of monuments becomes contagious throughout the world. In the United States, monuments of the war of the North and South, in Europe and Ukraine, in the Soviet soldiers, and we have two camps to destroy their idols.

Now I understand why in ancient Russia it was not customary to build such idols, in the form of statues and other structures. Do not coordinate the idol, which will then destroy the unity of society. Ancestors knew about it, but we, their descendants forgot the covenants. What solutions can be? Voting of our society, for installation or against. The only way. With the discussion of merit or other. But the government in this issue is still holding neutrality.

What do you think, on this conflict, dear readers? If the entrepreneur really established a monument on its territory, which was bought, private, how do you feel about the fact of its integrity? That is why I brought the mention of private land in the United States at the beginning of the article. I am not a fan of the State Department, but still, where is justice?

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