The prophecy of Efremova.

With great respect referred to the work of Sergei Bodrov-Jr.. The other day they showed his selection of films

Sergey proved that the talent does not rest on children. He significantly surpassed his father in popularity and recognition in Russia. I think many will agree with this. And I was very unpleasant to see what happened recently with another star son

Real creativity in the theater and cinema took place everyday, without the «shine» of work on the screen, which left his father

And so, with the silent innovation of all, Efremov made one of the mortal sins. Even at first I did not understand what happened. As always, it happens to us, friends and colleagues began to negotiate with the relatives of the victim of compensation. We always have that way, pay and live quietly. And then you can play your role again in life for us low-grade.

I do not understand how you can play and show love for your viewer and at the same time do this? Probably, we have no honor left for us or conscience. As well as faith in people art. Even in Soviet times, even though I found it in the army, we considered the actors of crystal purity by people. They tried to imitate, loved from the heart. And now we pull up in the programs of their dirty underwear.

I’m not sure that the actor will receive a punishment that deserves. As if he was a simple person. All the forces will be involved, will silence the word creative public, all regalia of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation will rise to mitigate and favorable out of the current situation. Maybe of course be different. Everything will be sad enough for the actor.

Here it will be remembered for poems in the address of the authorities, uniting everything with this situation. I feel sorry to me Mikhail Efremova? Honestly, I am indifferent. He is not my hero and for obvious reasons never would never. Unlike Sergei Bodrov. Scary for yourself and other people, because we walk and go through the streets of cities, and there are such Mikhail Efremov, ready to solve any problems with the words:

I have another opinion. If you criticize power, for some not true actions, steps, you at least yourself should be an example for people that you are not a creation system, but the best example of life and solutions in this life. You’re a public person. But I did not see this in Mikhail. Nothing other than business on us. What do you think, dear readers? Leave your comment at the bottom.

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