The relevance of the novel Elena Chudinova «Mosque of the Parisian Our Lady», after recent events

For a long time, even before the exit of the prophetic book

As researchers prevent, by 2050 the last indigenous European will disappear. Do you think this is fantasy? Well, who thought that once the conquest of the Arabs of North Africa would thoroughly change the maps of population. Read sources. About this genocide, somehow it is not customary to speak out loud. My relative, for example, visiting Paris recently and ten years ago, observes the fermentation change. The great city of thinkers, artists, writers and poets is becoming the second Babylon.

In the new world, there is already a conquest for the goodwill, the Europeans themselves. The flows of immigrants do not stop. The economy will not be able to cope with such a load. This is a matter of time. Calculation of assimilation and adoption of European culture did not work. And what idiot generally could count on it? Does the easternist specialists did not know that the European and eastern world was not possible to completely mix at a good wild wild will?


Turkey also refused publication. The translation into French and the novel was published in electronic form. But the translator preferred to remain unknown. It is clear why. And it was also the beginning of the XXI century. Now you see what is happening in France and all of Europe. Will it be in the real world to happen like in the novel? This is already happening. Do not stop the situation. Europe receives what once wanted to another world. Planting its culture. Went reverse process.

Experience failed. Now another culture came to the European House. Will the culture of Europeans permanently? No! There is no longer the passionarity in it that was previously. I think now is the time to buy literature with European laws. Because by 2050 they will become a big rarity. And the world will not be former.