The results of the elections on September 13, 2020 in Kuban.

Something special from the election of the governor and deputies of the legislative assembly did not expect. For me personally, it has been a long time for excessive civil money. The world has become the same. And how we do not scold and not anticipate ideologically America, we are all the same. Politics is not created in our heads, and in narrow offices. And people, it is just a screensaver in front of the television program, no more.

As they did not scold at different sites of our Kuban Governor of Veniamin Kondratyev, for too tight measures on well-known events, which led to the closure of private business, and enterprises, but nothing has changed. The people voted and again extended the powers of the former governor. What then it was necessary to splash folk saliva, I do not understand.

The same situation occurred in our provincial Kuban city. Before the elections, how not to meet a person, everyone showed dissatisfaction with the party in United Russia. What epithets only do not hear, I will not voice. But now the day of the election and already in the end it is clear that with the advantage of almost 52% in our city the United Russia again won.

I have no surprise for a long time. Someone, writes off all this for mass stuff, but everything is wrong. Do not forget that our country has the largest percentage of civil servants. They are more than the same US. And this interlayer of society is not ready to change its financial situation. Stable salary and other generated habits. They are asked the pace to all elections.

But how do you tell out of disturbances? That corruption, the inaction of officials, then not before financing? Well, the parks then descend everything. Even those who are dominated by life. But at the hour of X, everyone comes to the polling stations and the same old men, our pensioners continue to vote in the habit of stability and their expected indexation or increase to the pension. Who wishes unknown? No one!

That is why the elections never surprised me. Sometimes I even stop listening to some folk displeascies. Go better to work! No, create your own hands. Now there are no problems with this, become self-employed and embody your talent in any area with minimal headache on reports.

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