The United States dreams of cooling relations between Russia and China

The situation has developed so that by the assurances of the Americans, China is becoming the main strategic opponent in the world. That’s how, fidgeted and fused by the great-core and its capital now threatens to her parent. Yes, so that Russia with its armed forces, now moved to the background. The world clearly undergoes changes, but for us it is not becoming easier.

At the briefing on July 23

I assume that since this is stated, information impact will be undertaken and within the country we have and beyond it to carry out the «anti-kili» manipulations with the consciousness of people and set up negatively. For example, the United States can promote the issue of China’s territorial claims to part of Siberia and the Far East. Although who knows well in history knows that Chinai and China are two big differences.

Chinai, namely, China is called in the international community, once occupied the territory of Kata or China in a modern pronunciation. Since the northern territory is completely and next to the findings belonging to Europeanoids, the Chinese government does not give permission for archaeological surveys, especially foreigners. But once this is now all one, claims to us «small» in history seem to be any meaning.

Not so long ago, we celebrated the 160th anniversary of the founding of the city of Vladivostok, and in Chinese social networks owned by the Chinese Communist Party, Internet users accused us that we took their territory. I do not exclude that all this is just the impact of our overseas «friends.» Now it is not difficult to conduct provocations while in any country of the world.

For example,

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