There is no Messiah for Russia.

The idea of Messianism in Russia was strong for a lot of years. As if our country was not called, there were always people who wishing to lead her people

Nowadays, the leaders of the parties are also drunk by this difficult wear, but so timidly that their voices overlap each other. And not heard, who is there that promises us and where it calls. They merge. There are lone leaders with their supporters. Supporters of the truth, then go to Calvary and fade for their Messines. In general, Balamutyt water in a swamp leaders and heads are blocked.

Recently, one more Messiah got under the Ferris «Fucks». Many believed, dreamed that it was possible without a time machine, it was easy to return to the USSR and live as well, in the world of socialist justice. But probably, the faces would be the same. Wherever they are given relatives, our same, they migrate only in tsarism, then in socialism, then in capitalism.

Messianism Platashkin rudely interrupted. The man had a small political path in the USSR, a candidate for the CPSU member in 1988, refusal to join the CPSU in 1989. Already in 2019, the CPrge Candidate for Dovials into the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Participated in elections as a candidate of a single-member district, and about 100,000,000 rubles are required for such a company.

And recently, they came to him with arrest. It seems like the leader of the return for the return to the socialist past, called the people to unauthorized rallies. What, as Pollshkin himself says, was not. Everything passed only within the law. But the policy is this. Do not look long in the abyss, otherwise the abyss politics will look at you. If there is a Messiah man, the article will be found.

I think now we are talking about Polyshkin, as a candidate for the president and the next Messiah in Russia is not worth it. Not now, just later, the article will not give a chance to run. This was hinted. And in general, these games are already bored. Who can sponsor Platishkina’s movement from people from people, in the hope that once, we will return to socialism and how should I equalize all capitalist achievements?

Do you still believe in these games and fairy tales? Write your comments.

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