Top 10 photo files possible only in Russia

Russia is not understood by the mind. Here you just need to live and over time, anyone will begin to be soaked in a special spirit. With humor, refer to the fact that other «civilized» fellows on the ground Mother’s land can shock. What if they are there, Zabugornny, do not live correctly? Closed in the framework of numerous laws when and to seem to do, it will not always work. How do you like DPS post?

Who passed this, he will understand this lucky man. If you divorced, you really did not sang the song, with the words: «I am free!». Do not sang? Well, it means your former spouse sang her for you. By the way, and the man will not share the car on the divorce?

«Stalin is always in trend.» And this, they just understood now? I do not know how to treat it. Someone says that this is mockerying our past. Others on the contrary, this is the revival of our past. And what in the middle? Nothing personal, just business.

You probably saw such Lihache in each city. And similar inscriptions. Only in Russia can be so, on the legends of the USSR car industry to show their delets.

Yes, others now heroes. Where is the story of the story? Our ancestors dreamed about such a story. But it turned out. They sought to freedom, got.

Specifications say you can not sell? Spy gadgets? But such «happy handles» for the exam? In Baghdad, everything is calm. Only our people immediately think, how to get around everything. Well, earn.

Elegant conductor location? Agree? Everything is so home. Horsiciki, soft sofa, table with flowers. Only in Russia we are thinking about our comfort. And who else worries about us?

This inscription is generally wonderful Pearl. Everything is so good, in our. And with humor.

Beautiful. Sunset, a person comes with «Maxim» in the evening city. So what’s this? What did you think? The person is simply exhibited from one museum to another tolerate. Eh you!

Did you say that you are watching «Big Brother»? Yes, not brother he us. A grandmother. That’s how big interest is looking at what. Everything is simple. :-))

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