Top 10 wonderful protection that can be found now

I imagine how difficult it is to people on self-insulation when you need to wear a mask, and they are simply not available in most pharmacies. Someone sews himself, from all the boil, someone even designs its models. But when everyone goes quite in the same masks, in which you can even pass by my friend without noticing, some are trying to make them individual and unique.

Today is our

This is such an ecological mask, invented Chinese car from the cabbage sheet. As they say, the mask is sitting as a native. Probably, this girl was accurately found parents in the cabbage. And she acted, focusing on children’s memories.

Whether the virus breaks through such protection, I do not even know. But it is definitely confused and disoriented. The Italian came up with such a security option, the truth is not sure that he will be easily with such a mask.

And such masks, produce manufacturers already on lovers. Well, can you think about the virus if you see such a face? But there are even more funny samples. He seen himself at the grocery store, like a baby of 8 years old, with his parents defiled in a mask, like on the bottom photo. Laughter of people accompanied her entire period of finding in the store.

Yes, we talked about these mask. Would you be surprised to see a person in such a mask? Imagine if your girlfriend came to you in the bearded mask.

Some people believe that the virus can pass our pet. Therefore, go to the walks to the courtyards like this, the projectile of our dog protection dogs. Poor balls will not understand why they are!

In Italy now only so. Bunny’s ears, medical mask and still Venetian mask. Triple protection will help, I do not know. As a last resort, you can dismiss the virus with pink ears. There is another option that the virus is scared and will not attack.

This guy immunity is clearly 100%. Although they say, one of the signs of infection is now the lack of smell. What do you think the guy is not lost yet? And in general, he is not lost in reality?

No, you did not see the films about aliens and everything is in order with the psyche. This green man, simply invented a very reliable and universal way to protect. But I would be better in his place than sat. What if someone sneezes and straight with the neck of the bottle? Although there is still a way, drink a pre-antiseptic agent. Well, you understand. That that everyone loves so for holidays and on celebrations.

Does she seriously suggest that? Mask from Lemon? And where do we let me find at least one lemon now? Only some questions. We would with a seagull, to raise the vitamin balance. Not really this in Russia! By the way, do you still have lemons left in stores?

And if I’m not married? How to be? Lingerie shops are closed. How to be, friends-comrades. There is a way out! Urgently, during self-insulation, we get acquainted with your second half. And then, all together self-injuring with such masks.

Friends! There are so many options for funny masks that we can safely arrange top-100. However, I wonder if you saw such wanders on the streets of your city? Or maybe you yourself killed? Write a comment. And do not forget to put like, repost, issue a subscription!