Top 5 crazy stars for self-insulation

These are us, ordinary people who are not spoiled by the attention of other people, with difficulty, but can survive self-insulation. Without communication and someone alone. But it is difficult to imagine how the stars of our and not our show business and its various manifestations are experienced.

After all, these people are accustomed to constantly be in public, constantly be in the center of attention of fans and media. But even on self-insulation, they are able to make insane actions. We picked up

Remember the movie «Mary Poppins, goodbye»? And actress

You can imagine

Bruce Willis

Cats of British actress

But an aging but all is also all the favorite American actor

At the end of our Top, I want to inform our readers, self-insulation will once after all end, all the set animals will return to their natural habitat — loneliness. Well, we will finally communicate live, and not make such crazy actions.

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