Top 5 displeasure resting in the summer of 2020 on the Black Sea

This year, for obvious reasons, a large mass of holidaymakers rushed to the resorts

Horregious. Agree. The price of housing, maintenance and food, transport raised is not justified. I thought the price would fall on the contrary, as it was likely to lose the resort season this year. But having received its customers, the entrepreneurs sorrified them uncontrolled raised prices. Prices in our resorts were always large, compared to the same, democratic Turkey. In this regard, it is worth not worried, soon the Turkish direction will earn again. I hope without the same excesses as we have at prices.

Service. Yes, it is also lame. It happens Hamyat, owners of private mini-hotels serving personnel or in transport. Frames of decency does not happen. If something depended on me, I would have developed a system for evaluating the work of all people working in the sphere of service on the resorts. This rating would give the right to work or prohibited. But order, you need to restore it for sure. I do not know, but most likely abroad, such a system has been implemented for a long time and you are unlikely to get a maid, a waiter if your rating is black.

Beaches. Unfortunately, most of the Black Sea beaches are rocky. With rare exceptions, sandy beaches of the Anapian region and seems like some places of Crimea. This is definitely not Thailand and other warm places. It’s probably nothing to do here, there were somehow in Soviet times attempts to browse on the beaches of the sand. The season passed and everything washed into the sea. So, we live with it.

People. Mostly fat, warm under the warm southern sun. They annoy many who are accustomed to foreign beaches. True, in Turkey, too, there are also those more specimens. And not only our compatriots. I assume that not all full people are solved on foreign voyages, perhaps shame. But on the native beach, you can get out. Who does not like, as they say, do not look.

People walking around the city and swimsuits. Yes, this is our «invention.» And what, we rest, we are at home. People are accustomed to another behavior manner, they meet this with displeasure. And right, everything has its place. Agree. For the dress code, no one watches us. And preferably.

These perturbations are mainly distributed on social networks, after visiting our resorts. From this year, as never once faces the development of our domestic, tourist sphere. There are hopes that we will not swim downstream, and we will be able to adjust these completely consideration of the moments. All this will benefit all to us. What do you think? Leave a comment!

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