Top 5 Effective advertising exchange in telegraves of channels

Among the many of my blog readers there are those people who behave some kind of business, creative, personal channels on such a very popular platform as telegrams. And if they do not behave yet, then in the future it would like to use this source of traffic. Likha trouble began to attract a hundred subscribers blogs is not difficult. Promotion and maintain it at the level of 2000 and more subscribers, this is the task.

I can recommend that the learning literature on working with the telegrams in which you will learn how to turn your channel step by step and have a good arrival for yourself. If you have a channel on Yandex Zen, you can attract subscribers from one site to another and back. And these will have additional readings and plus to monetization.

And now I will give the top 5 effective advertising exchange in the telegrams of channels.

Independent placement using the directory telegrams, where the entire characteristic on each channel is very detailed. It is enough for you to study and write off with the admin channel, agree on the price. Catalog can be found at

We hope this selection will help you in promotion and necessary advertising. Share in the comments as you are engaged in Promotion. Do not forget about Like, repost and subscription to our channel!