Top 5 fantastic films with unpredictable junction, which should be viewed

Friends, I as an amateur of the fantastic genre in cinema and literature prepared for you the top 5 selection of fantastic films with unpredictable junction. Perhaps some films you did not even have time to see, so you can easily fix this position with the help of a movie. So, we start!

«Mystery of 7 sisters»

Here everything as you love. On the site of the ruins of the former Baron Castle was built a sanatorium for the elderly. The castle was not a good glory, since his owner married his sister, but she was fruitless. So that it happened, the Baron began to carry out inhuman experiences over their peasants. Old secrets and secrets began to manifest itself in the new reality of the sanatorium. And it is quite interesting, the search for the elixir of immortality, which involves the innocent heroes of the film. The end is also unpredictable!

The action of this film takes place in the future aboard the spacecraft. Many of the peripetics of life with which the carriage crew collided in flight will make you think at the end of the film, and what it was all. Illusions or reality for ship members. Especially in this will try to puzzle the ending of the film. Let’s solve it?

This is a film about found in one of the American homes. It does not move to the past or future. And we make a photo of an event that will happen next to the device in a day. It would seem that here is special? No, even having a snapshot from the future you can do such things! The end as always we are promised interesting and unpredictable!

This film is also interesting because the son of the famous Musician David Bowie — Duncan Jones is removed. Of course, the music is also a chip of this film. Here, everything is interesting, the lunar base, the astronaut of the contractor who suddenly suddenly detects on the basis of his full twin. But the disassembly of this situation will hobble you into a dizzying adventure for whole and a half hours. The point in the film will be delivered unexpectedly!

Friends, I will be glad to your comments! Write, which of these films you watched and did they like you! Like and subscription traditionally!