Top 5 new fantastic serials that will cause interest

Recently, in view of the famous events of the World Sitting at Home, the film industry is experiencing great difficulties. Many projects are suspended, shooting somewhere continue, but in the new conditions. Imagine, shoot shots, where the actors are located 1.5 meters from each other, without contact. It would still be on the face registered accessories. But despite this, new fantastic series, which can be glad to see!

This movie

Do you like Chinese fiction? Then film

Again, our brothers on the ground-Mothers involved the Russian oligarch as a villain. In film

«Warranty New World»

This is a new branching of the series about walking dead men. Now the main characters of the film Teenagers who are sent to search for missing Rick of Freight. It can be seen, without him, the heroes have difficulty! We look at the new series from the Universe of the World of the Walking Dead

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