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And this overpopulation causes alertness. Can they, in institutions experiencing and so not gripping places, to protect themselves from today’s

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In addition, the transfer is prohibited. And some prisoners received from the will ordinary medicines for cores, patients with diabetes mellitus. Suspended and visiting lawyers prisoners. Although it used to be possible through the glass, dressing the boots and the mask. But there is another thing that worries people. It is forbidden to attend sports halls. But it is known, finding without movement in a closed space weakens immunity.

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The number of registered cases of infection among prisoners in the Russian Federation is 40 people. Employees employed in the field of punishment — 271 people. As can be seen from statistics, the danger is presented by people engaged in ensuring the protection of institutions. They can in this case be the source of this

In Moscow, for example, employees switched to the barren and isolation with prisoners for 14 days. What is the situation in other prisons and the detention of reliable information, since there is a temporary ban on communication with the media. Perhaps in the comments, someone can tell about the situation in prisons and the SIZO. Well, we can discuss it.

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