We promote myth about high salaries of the Chinese

Recently, it is very often necessary to hear that in China there are some kind of salary wages, and that the average salary there is 500, 700, and even 1,000 US dollars per month almost. Well, check these statements could not be checked, because on the Internet, surprisingly, did not find any more or less convincing critical statements on this.

All materials in need shook that even the Chinese bum earns several times more than the Russian engineer. But recently, my friend came from China, who worked there by a music teacher, and I had the opportunity to clarify something in this situation. First, my friend said, only those employees who bring good income to the company are well earned in China.

As a rule, these are engineers, and not always Chinese. China go to work from many countries. There are no migrant workers in mind, but specialists, which in China itself is missing. Migrant workers are not accepted there at all, since both their work lacks. No, enterprises would be happy to work with pleasure for a much smaller fee, but the damned communists were banned.

Such a policy that you first need to provide your own migrant workers, which in China hundreds of millions. Of course, this is not a sense of social justice — just the Communists are afraid that a folk riot may occur on the soil of cheap foreign migrant workers. And hundreds of millions of riots — this is not a Leninist Guard in 1917.

Secondly, they bring a good income to the enterprise are not workers at all, but administrators and engineers who, in general, organize the work of workers. Worker pay a lot is simply not profitable, considering how much the product produced by it. This is not America with Europe, where a simple plastic plug is a bunch of bucks.

No, there are, of course, and qualified workers who get pretty decently, but they are not so much again. The bulk of the workers in Chinese enterprises make up local migrant workers without registration, which work as it were not to the state, but under the contract.

All these workers come mainly from the village and have rural venture, because in economic Chinese statistics they simply are not taken into account. It is practically unrealistic to get a city registration in China, except that a rural resident marries a town-reason, or some more fints will invent.

Thirdly, all these internal Chinese guest workers can earn more or less well to earn only in large cities — Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, etc., but it has long been all clogged, and the queue on more or less bread places is worth a century ahead . And in other places, salaries do not exceed 200 US dollars per month, and on average — 100 and less.

But it is still much more than a Chinese can earn in his village. We do not forget that in China is still communism, and if private enterprises are allowed in the cities, the collective farms in the countryside are fully dominated, the salary in which can be only 50-100 dollars per month.

Thus, it becomes clear that the stories about the fact that allegedly in China wages are higher than in Russia, this is brazen lies. Just Chinese statistics manipulate data, given only highly professional workers and leadership staff, which in percentage of China’s total population has been cutting.

Real rustic migrant workers are not taken into account at all — they fall into rural statistics, which, in turn, is also falsified very well. As one of the examples of why salaries in China cannot be higher than the Russian level, the construction of «Ghost Cities» should be given.

There are tens of such large cities of China today, and with «ghost towns» — and all thousands. Their construction was spent by colossal funds — trillions of dollars. Naturally, I had to pay the workers that were built.

But in these cities almost no one today lives, that is, the costs practically did not pay off, and in these costs it should also be paid to maintaining these «ghosts» in the «living» state! Where does the money get? Naturally, with special taxes, which are subject to today everything is in a row, but the main source is the salaries of hundreds of millions of local migrant workers who pay at exactly exactly what they are told on the Internet.

In general, if you give data on salaries in China, I do not advise you to believe any agitoxes found on the Internet. Those categories of the population that earn well are small, the more their income fall into statistics before taxes. And taxes in China are quite high, much higher than in Russia.

Therefore, if you still want to believe that the ordinary Chinese earns more than $ 500 per month, then you first ask — and why millions of Chinese «high-paying» workers today migrate to work in other countries, including Russia?

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