What are the old men talk about a new form of bailiffs

Recently was visiting our relatives. I visited the motherboard, Grandma Tanya, she was already 91 years old. It was always confused in the intricacies of related links, a relative of us is already a secondary. But so, as all the next relatives, we disappeared very far, who in Kaliningrad, who in Vladivostok, we try to lose connections yet.

Frequently calling out, but at the place there is an opportunity to sometimes come to visit. I just collected the material for the next article and to the question of Baba Tanya, what you do, I showed it through the tablet my blog and told about what I write. And it is necessary to happen such a thing, photos of our bailiffs in a new form in Yandex search.

What about the Germans? — Despite the age of vigorously snatched Baba Tanya photo from the search engine. Honestly, I thought first that this is a photo of reconstructors, until I noticed I noticed that this is a new execution of bailiffs. — Grandma, this is now the form of our bailiffs — I said as it is, noticing that the grandmother was very embarrassed.

You know, that day, we somehow did not have the chat. Grandmother was outraged for a long time, how so you can copy the appearance of the German army. Why do you deal with people. She survived a lot in her life, the occupation by the Germans, the loss of her classmates communicated with the partisans, which punishers suffered. The German form for a 12-year-old child for the whole life left a deep injury.

I really did not know what to say to her. And just gone, having raised not to be more irritant. He left the thought, indeed, why our «fashion designers» developing a uniform for civil service, chose just such a stylization. Black color, helmets on a German sample, form itself. To be afraid, like this at the genetic level? It is clear that this is an punitive organ, but why so smoke?

Of course, there are no jokes here. We also recently changed the police for the police. Replaced without asking even our old people, as they will be perceived by rumor. And who is now listening old people? Especially smart new generation. And whether it is worth frightening people, giving birth to some associations. Maybe it costs to ask a democratic society his opinion?

What do you think friends? Are there any such things to say on some public council? And somehow, prevent pop-up analogies? Write comments. Like, subscription!