What cabinets to buy in Russian apartments

What a wardrobe, such a high cost! — Tell me, pleaseing the old Soviet closet, which was possible to be given to you still to the wedding, many years ago. More than half of our fellow citizens still live in houses forced by Soviet furniture. It seems that new furniture is now buying only young people.

I can judge this in comments to my articles, where many have slipped information about their home furnishings. There was an article where I talked about the translation stickers, and people wrote to me where these stickers still remain glitched. Cabinets, Trelliers, Dressers — all furniture in many more than 70 or 80s last century. Rarities.

And if you still decided to drastically change your life and life, how to choose a closet to the house, again for many years? Yes, such risky people, I have prepared special recommendations that will allow you to choose reliable and, if possible, not expensive furniture. Let’s first decide which type of cabinet you need.

They are three species.

Accordingly the doors in such cabinets or

Communion cabinets, it is a classic, rich, but expensive. Save — Choose from MDF. They are resistant to moisture, not heavy, will serve for a long time. But flammable and they are easily dents from unknown blows. Another option, a wardrobe of chipboard, better laminated. Heavy cabinets? Yes, but they are resistant to shocks and damage. They are different color solutions, not only under the tree.

I do not have special advice in size, you yourself can determine how to focus on your living area and the volume of things. Fold things with a stack and understand what volume you need a wardrobe. But where to arrange the wardrobe on this, the future comfort and the general view of the room depends. Try to fill the corners. Corner cabinets always looked the most rich and harmoniously.

In this case, you replace that it becomes free to breathe in such a room, there is no clutter and everything in its places. Do not be afraid to never make small sketches from hand, drawing of furniture arrangement with sizes. Then you don’t have to move the cabinet across the room, trying to expand the passage. Yes, and furniture now, you can always order in accordance with the size of the living space.

There is still a way out of a difficult situation with a lack of free square. Purchase cabinets. They generally allow them to easily place them on free squares, even if it is half a meter, on both sides of the sofa, in the corners of the room. As you can see the above furniture options are quite affordable. And let you update your atmosphere and look at life on a new one.

Friends write in the comments when you last updated your furniture? Do you still have all the Soviet? Do you plan to update? From you like and subscription to the canal!