What can lead «Hatery» in Russia

Who are such Haters, know all who, at least once been on social networks. Many authors of the Yandex Zen site also learned themselves independently, which is an unrestrained human opinion. This is a shame, sometimes causes response negative feelings. Sometimes hot discussion and even a lot of negativity, as not strange, promote articles in Zen, they recruit shows and even more strange reviews.

I do not know how to count the advantages and minuses of Heita, but the phenomenon itself makes thinking, but why can such a phenomenon in the entire Internet segment? I look and surprised by our domestic bloggers, which turned out to be the will of the fate abroad of our country. As they tell, about the tactful foreigners on the Internet, where you will very rarely see insults and negative. All tolerant and respectful, and sometimes simply indifferent.

And they themselves respond to our mute question why everything is different there behind the hill. Everything is simple, the law works, according to which you may be assured for any phrase or actions even in the virtual world. We scold power, officials and each other and say that we do not have democracy and our rights trap. However, in the standard of democracy of the United States, bloggers cannot and words stretch out of ordinary citizens about the same power, officials and other citizens of a wonderful country.

It doesn’t seem to you that showing your worst feelings on the Internet, we are increasingly approaching the hour in Russia, when we strictly regulate our behavior in this island of virtual freedom? And provoke it, it is online gopniks, called other heter. Already repeatedly, the statements of the most active citizens or deputies appeared that it is necessary to strictly regulate behavior on the network. Think, this will not do it?

When the next time you will resent the expression of the thoughts of another person, the rights that by the way are spelled out in our Constitution, think about what you saw a bit on which you are sitting not only, but other people. Who have the right to express their private opinion, and you have the right to enter into a discussion. The right to insult, nobody gave you. Although I leaned a little here too. Who can give us the right to insult?

No, just the norm of behavior «Do not do what you do not want yourself» should be your norm. If the online community itself develops such rules, then it does not come to anyone and invade their laws and adjustments to anyone. I believe that the Internet is the same world as real and he himself must work out the norm and the tradition of virtual life.

What do you think? Should we worry about such a phenomenon like Hatteria? Write in the comments.