What carnival costumes take Russians to the new 2021

My friend is on the question, you will acquire from the costumes to the new year, joked:

Carnival costumes for the new year we basically acquire for our children. Now, such costumes are produced a lot. Even in his Soviet childhood I remember how we had to make an alone to the matinee. Such

Now produced good, factory tailoring costumes in huge quantities. But what will be in the New Year’s Eve for 2021, let’s consider in detail, based on one popular online store. You know, it’s even difficult to highlight one, some direction. Definitely in the trend Superhero suits. Especially if it has recently released blockbusters.

Pirates, wizards, Santa Claus or Snow Maiden, National costumes, they are always in trend. Then everything depends on your taste, desire. There are no problems now. The Chinese brothers sew sewing and fit off. Prices are also democratic, from 1200 rubles and higher. Want a better suit, buy for more expensive. By the way, in this

I think this year it may be a problem in view of famous events, with rental of New Year’s costumes. It is not worth counting on temporary use. Definitely there will be either bans or rental restrictions. Therefore, it is worth looking at a wide choice in ordinary stores or on the Internet. Having ordered now, just for the new year the costume will be already with you.

And yet, I studied the topic of the most popular New Year’s costumes, based on the ratings of online stores. And prepared for you the top 5 most popular images.

Friends, share in the comments, what image for yourself or child you prepared or will cook. Write, what budget can select or now not to suits now. Let’s discuss! Like, subscription!