What does our protective remedy look like under a microscope

Recently watched in the store a dialogue of an elderly buyer with a young girl saleswoman. The man tried to convince the girl that he was hard to breathe it, he could not wear the means of protection. She proved her point of view, or rather generally accepted. You must wear these funds, as the store threatens the penalty for the lack of protection from the client.

In turn, the man said that he was very parallel to their fines, since there is an article that no one has canceled, according to which the client cannot refuse to maintain in the outlet. Familiar situation? This happens now in all cities of our country and not only with us. As they say, we have seen a video that is happening with clients of outlets in other countries.

Legal aspects on this topic turn us into belligent idiots. It is useless to resist, because everything is good. But it is impossible to endure. How to be? If the recommendations became the law, according to which the fines can take the fines that we do not earn now. How to live after the fine and feed the family, someone will tell us. But this is so, sorry, piled.

My conversation about a friend. How encountered protection to us, really protects us? Is there any reason? After all, there are many disputes. Having understood in the situation, I still understood, we need to wear protection. In order for the conversation or sneezing, the finely dispersion fluid is fluttered. But when inhalation, she will not help you.

Are you wondering how our defense is looking for through a microscope? I can tell you figuratively. Protection — Rabita grid, and microorganisms, sand. Free access. Only the respirator can help. It is just created to filter air, its cells are less medical protection and many of these layers. To penetrate the respiratory paths of our well-known trouble you need to try to very much.

And now, the most interesting thing is how our generally accepted defense under the microscope looks like. Even three layers of protection are visible to the lumen. So, our «ducts» flush into it with a whistle. Scroll through the gallery from several pictures and see for yourself. By the way, with rag protection is still worse. Draft walks there freely. Once again, we still need to wear them. Let weak, but help. As I said, the respirator is better.

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