What expected films can be viewed in 2021

Despite not the best times for cinema, life still does not stand still and

World of the Future. This is the screen version of the first fantastic book from the Patrick Ness series. On the planet, the new land that migrants colonized, a group of people lives. After the mysterious infection, the colony lost all women, and also came the consequences in the form of mysterious noise in all in the ears. But once, the main hero, the young guy meets a girl who can stop noise.

The most anticipated domestic film in the genre of fairy tales or as they say today — fantasy. The budget is very impressive on Russian standards — 800,000,000 rubles. But a little does not reach the same «Viking» with 1 billion. Everything is expected. And Konk-Gorboon, the computer in the voice of Pavel Derevyanko and the king, whose role was performed before the events with an accident Mikhail Efremov. Judging by the walking in the network of personnel, everything promises to be bright, costumed and very technological in effects. That in the end will see soon.

20 years have passed since the first franchise film

Remember the film

New role Mark Walberg in a fantastic militant genre. The main character reveals that visions from the past began to invade his life. And he does not really like it, as life is here and now he does not have the best. Soon, he learns about the secret society, the same people with visions that regularly go to the past to change for the better (possibly) history of mankind.

Well, in conclusion, we are briefly briefly in other, upcoming premieres. Continuation of the film

«Self-suicide detachment: mission at the outline.»