What happened to the famous trademark «Skorokhod» after the USSR

Remember how in our USSR loved people to cite, if someone wore shoes of the brand «Slokhod»? But in vain, we always swear our domestic, which in principle was not bad quality. All genuine leather shoes. You are probably satisfied now and ordinary from the leatherette. Since the prices of natural skin samples are now quite essential.

«Skorokhod» managed at one time to supply its shoe all the space of the USSR. It turns out the factory sewn even shoes for the army, not only for civilian. The workshops located in Leningrad, modern St. Petersburg were enormous. Vintage brick buildings preserved since 1882, now empty. And the territory of the factory will soon change its primordial destination.

In the new conditions, the factory could not resist. The production has been significantly survived, but he did not go to the fly. Just a few buildings now produces basically children’s shoes. On this they began to specialize since 1998. Another part of the buildings goes on sale and soon there will be cafes, shops and other commercial enterprises.

The whole territory will look stylish in the urban form. Such a fate, unfortunately comprehends the factory and plants not only from us. But even in the US, there are often offices of firms. Or even residential premises, studios. It became interesting how now the products of this factory look like, after many years. And that’s what I was able to find today at the Yandex Market Playground.

The factory has always specialized in the production of children’s orthopedic shoes. And this tradition is preserved. As you see prices are quite acceptable. Although so far, many will not understand why the difference with the adult model is small. Probably this is the secret of production, why children’s things are sold at a price of equal adults.

However, about the «sword» one can say one thing, the quality of production they retained, like niche. The shoes are very comfortable and for the growing body of the child is not at all harmful. It is a pity that I could not keep the production all entirely, but nothing can be done here. Probably, the Chinese have more of the mind and inspireness than we had with ready-made industrial foundations.

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