What happens if you take a picture of the land from the aircraft window

If you fly on business or on vacation at an excellent airbus, then you can take a picture of the beautiful views from the height of more than 10,000 kilometers. In the worst case, under you there will be dairy clouds, under which you can not even consider anything. People often publish such photos from their travels.

But by habit, in the hope of getting a great picture. Many are trying to do the same, renting a small, private jet or even a helicopter, somewhere in the journey. And they absolutely do not imagine what it can lead to. No, you will not be a special threat, but you can definitely lose your camera or smartphone.

We all studied at school and institutes, but tell me who of us know and apply the laws of physics in life? No one. When we face some kind of problem, we begin to seek the reasons and here you remember that there is such a law of physics Bernoulli. According to this law, the aircraft rises into the air and on the same law your technique will simply break out of the hands of the air flow.

So, if you do not like physics, physics will love you. Have this in mind if once, go on a journey. Do not drench it with such incidents. I say I’m not just like that, but with the experience of my friend who tried, it seems in Turkey, remove the excellent frames of the ancient ruins. The technique disappeared and possibly excellent frames. And suddenly, another camera collapsed to someone on his head from heaven.

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