What happens in Ukraine and what awaits it in the future

Very many Russians completely misunderstand what is happening in Ukraine. But the Ukrainians themselves understand everything perfectly, at least today, after so many years of life in postmidden Ukraine.

And many of them do not quite agree with all the complaints of their «northern caremen», because at least they made a fatal mistake, but the roots of this mistake lie in completely different planes.

Well, the first claim of Russians to Ukrainians is that they are so ungrateful, and they do not need them like brothers. This is a very deep misconception, as in what is happening in Ukraine now, the Ukrainians are not to blame, and the oligarchs, which were remanding the business in 2014.

At the same time, they relied on a small, in fact, a group of «Patriot-Bandera» from Western Ukraine, who have their long-standing genetic scores to Russia. This group, though small, but very loud, and all these characters for the money of Ukrainian (and perhaps even foreign) oligarchs seized all Ukrainian information space.

They developed such a rapid activity that it seems that the Russophobia fell ill crowed all citizens of Ukraine. In fact, it is not. 90% of Ukrainians All this «revolution of dignity» is generally up to one place.

Just in 2014, when it was killed in the mass of the cry «We go to Europe and will receive 1000 euros of salaries and lace cowards!» Many believed that it would be so. Well, what do you want from the people who have undergone powerful information processing and got a carrot, smeared by Viennese coffee and decorated with Parisian croissants?

It is for this reason that there was no mass uprisings against the ticks like those we saw in the Donbas. Several years have passed, and all Ukrainians understood how they were brazenly and cynically deceived, and even robbed into addition, and not once, but many times.

Therefore, if all the 2014 events today repeated again, then sure the result would be far from the benefit of Maidan and Patriots-Bandera. So it always happens — first the people support some kind of pseudo-free bucho, and then it regrets this bitterly, and there is no exceptions.

Any revolution is a war, poverty, hunger and death in the end. On the revolution, only those who planned it are made, and the people are only losing it, and mostly — their lives. What is happening now with the economy of Ukraine is a full nightmare and horror.

Economics as such is no longer unlocked, and the holey budget of the country is somehow maintained for me by the money, which manages to get the sale of government bonds, because the IMF subsidies do not bring any money — they simply pay for past tranches.

It is still a little more successful to collect taxes from the population, which has not left for earnings to Europe, as well as the economy of the money sent by Ukrainian «Zatrobitians» (Migstarbaters) from Europe and Russia. There are simply no other income, since Ukraine is much more buying imports than selling exports, and at times.

The industry is collapsed, agriculture is also dying. Moreover, the new leadership of the country is not going to save the country at all, someone says that due to the fact that in its composition alone fools and Hapugi.

But still you can think so that the current president, being a figure from the «Russian world», simply decided to finish the country so that she would fall asleep soon and in parts joined this very «Russian world».

In this case, the Western Ukraine is waiting — to judge prematurely, but Russia is unlikely to give way to these lands of Poland, Hungary or Romania. And in this case, «Testaans» do not envy. However, they will not envy even in the case of the section of Ukraine between the West and East. West with them will be at times more cruel than Russia.

The fact is that an independent state from Lviv region will not work, because the neighbors will not be given to develop, who have a huge variety of completely intractable claims (territorial, ethnic, historical, economic and other).

To capture this territory by force they also will not work because of the threatening sanctions from the EU and the United States, but voluntarily «Western Ukraine» will not want to enter these states — in this case the entire idea of the «Scrimine Ukraine» collapses.

Thus, only one option remains — this «Soviet status quo», in which Western Ukraine has been under the authority of Moscow for more than half a century. It seems to me that today this option for Patriots-Bandera will be the most appropriate. Others will be much more terrible!

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