What is a law on educational activities and what will lead to

The disputed law on the dissemination of information called in official circles

According to V. Matvienko, some provisions of the standard are so variable that they can be interpreted almost from opposite positions. The speaker called on education committees to work out these provisions in collaboration with those who opposed the adoption of this law.


Already then, at the stage of discussion, many representatives of the intelligentsia, museum workers, RAS opposed his adoption. In essence, it turns out a complete censorship for information and a ban to express your opinion on some points in our and world history.

It is clear that attempts to rewrite for example, the results of the Second World War, in which our country has a minor role to be stopped, and rather challenge, contact the courts and lead evidence. But what will the Russian legislation help in this fight?

But how to act if the main source of disinformation is foreign states and citizens? Another question, people began to have questions about controversial moments in the history of the Earth and also Russia. Since it appeared the opportunity to get acquainted with many archives, which are now digitized and put into free access.

Bloggers and journalists began to express their ideas about the true version of world history, especially official historians silently silently and are not trying to form and clarify many points. They were not able to join the dialogue in public areas.

Let’s just say, bloggers have taken over the burden that scientists were supposed to take. In the meantime, the law was adopted on March 16, 2021 in the Duma with the result of 308 «for», 98 «against» and 1 «abstained.» But the entry into force will be June 1, 2021. What happens in the end?

On the Internet, I found the explanatory text to the law. That’s what he reflects:

So any literature of Fomenko and Nosovsky, Levashov and other alternative historians flies into the «Inquisition» furnace.

Any text does not reflect the official historical line can be called extremist, inciting distribution. Alternative historians will disappear channels. As well as sites with a similar subject. Dzen bloggers will smolden to rewrite school textbooks as they are. Otherwise, just sit down.

And that is not a fact, will bloggers have permission to educate activities? So, we are preparing to read the materials how to plant a garden, repair the car, make makeup and that’s it! And in large volumes.

Yes, in conclusion, if you think that the scientific community has not tried to speak out against such draconic measures, then mistaken. Even president of the Russian Academy of Sciences performed. But who will listen to the voice of the scientific community and take into account. Now it is impossible no discussion in society, but only the adoption of everything is.

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