What is common in the situation of Belarus and Armenia

First of all, these are the two republics of our common at home of the USSR. Yes, the will of the sales or not, history will finally determine, politicians, these republics have become independent states. But the relationship with their former metropolis has never been lost. It is worth only to understand how much lives and works in Russia of Belarusians or Armenians. People who are our soul and mentality remained.

It is clear that any global state «monster» will want to take care of himself, it would seem a breakaway piece of territory. Those who once did it with fire and sword, realized that it was possible to make a capture without any problems. It is necessary to change the worldview of people that the enemy is now a friend. And the hands of the people themselves, to once again open no window, into the gate to Europe.

Do you want the celebration of the law as in Europe? Have you seen how the human protests are accelerated there? Speak Belarusians suffered from law enforcement. Do not idealize that world, with beautiful lawns and other people’s homes that will never be yours. He has already made mistakes in politics, immigration.

Do you really want to see the refugee streams from the African continent and the whole world. You want to drag their problems in your until a relatively prosperous house. What can you give now Europe or Turkey? Protection, laws. Teach you how to make money in euros. Why do you strive for. Europe is rapidly dying. And this process is no longer stopped.

And after 20-30 years, there will be a completely different population. Which came there not to work, but live better than at home. I often think that people completely stopped thinking reasonably and with the prospect. Catch your piece of European pie. And it is not enough for everyone.

In the USSR we were strong in our community. People could learn how to live together, which really felt their brothers. The concept of nationality was generally in recent roles. And I think, only in the upcoming unification of Russia, Belarus, Armenia and other former republics may be the future.

No matter how they whispered «horned,» you have no future, «Rashka» sucks and the like, all people in the soul understand. In combining power. In our mentality strength. And the situation in Belarus and Armenia is one. An attempt to make other formations from people. To separate from our community, give the values of fake.

Friends, I will be glad to discuss the topic with you. Write about your thoughts. What do you think? Is there a prospect of uniting former republics? Like, subscription, repost!