What is the difference in migrants in Russia and the European Union

Migrants do not cause positive feelings from the indigenous population and in Russia and in the European Union. Maybe many and right that migrants take a large proportion of jobs. Penetrating into the country is illegally, they increase the criminogenic environment. The work is not always obtained, but it is somehow necessary to survive.

And in Russia and in Europe, the main mass of migrants for the religion of Muslims. And if in our country since the time of the USSR, there is a feeling of little malsky respect for someone else’s culture, knowledge of the Russian language, then in the Western world of migrants in this regard does not attract anything other than financial support.

There is a great difference. We still migrants come to earnings. Marginal is only a small part, although also delivers trouble. As soon as work becomes a little, they immediately try to return to their homeland. But in the European Union, the opposite is the opposite.

Officials in Europe are trying to delay migrants so that they tried to settle forever. There are migrants, do not try to immediately find legal or illegal work. For them, the main thing, nothing to do, but receive financial benefits. And the culture of Europeans is alien to them absolutely.

In addition, they are taking active attempts to change the environment for themselves. National Quarters, their shops. Gradually, they expand the spheres of influence in the cities. As an example, compare Paris 2019 and 1970. Two big differences. As the author of the article, I adhere to convictions, people must develop the economy and work in their countries, and governments should contribute to this.

But suppose that the situation could have to work out differently. In our good relations with Europe, the interaction in economic areas could develop without visa regions. Many Russian specialists could get a qualified work in the European Union, with their immediate desire. Having received experience, on returning home, develop business in Russia.

Under such conditions, everything would be fine. But the world went on another way. Europe will simply be replaced by other peoples, nothing with it has nothing. This process is no longer stopped. Fifty years have changed their countries, fifty years will put a cross on all European culture.

How will we have? Replacement can occur. But Russia is fear of troubled atmosphere in Central Asian countries. Only then can rush the flow of immigrants. Big troubles can be expected from Chinese labor migration. They also like European migrants live closed and love to settle on someone else’s land. Any culture is perceived, but processed for themselves.

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