What is today the relevance of the Pink Floyd Clip «Wall»

Definitely you are familiar with a clip or album known

If you are not familiar, then perhaps you are already from the younger generation. But I just recommend you to listen to the compositions of this group, so to speak for general education. Moreover, it was still the music where there is a wonderful sound that will be preserved in the centuries, was made by and large the talent of instrumental performers, and not synthesizers of sound.

Start with such singles

The album became the history of the generalized life of all members of the group expressed in the person of one hero in the name Pink Floyd. He talks about his life from birth to growing up. As separate stories. And now I want to talk about a concrete moment. When Pink goes to school and after losing his father begins on a brick, re-build his life. And erects the wall as a result. The story is about the time of school life.

Remember the clip, the series of impersonal children in masks step forward as on the conveyor. Show the boy who hears the loud screams of the teacher scolding him for something. And he feels a cog in a soulless car of the state education system. Everyone is similar to robots perform meaningless, monotonous functions, although the young spirit is trying to resist the system, it would seem a rayful cloning.

Do you know how relevant this clip is now? What was previously thought of the system of oppression of a young person at school, and after all, this video and a song was about it, now collapsed. Especially in the West. There is no longer what is shown in the clip. When knowledge was driven into the heads of students. Yes, the teachers could not only shout, but also to make a poop. But all known personalities were born in the rigidity of the upbringing.

And when freedom and democraticness? Education falls in its quality. Like the role of the teacher. When you look a clip, it is about this that you start thinking. Perhaps it is not pleasant to hear the screams of the teacher for your essential, the provinces. The hero of the clip is definitely. But the teacher, and in the video, a man teacher is shown, he temper the spirit. After all, we studied everything in Soviet times.

And viewing the clip gives rise to these thoughts. The past is lost. And now, the school is published in the light of a person who are brought up in rigor and order, but an impersonal people. Everything turned over from the clip to life on the contrary. Would you like to join the world of high-quality music, you can purchase

Friends, do you have such thoughts now from watching this clip? What does our education give now? As a result, personality or dismixing and gray mass? Write in the comments. Like, subscription!