What parameters to choose a tourist tent

Every year, thousands of adventure crawls go to exciting tourist routes, exploring the amazing corners of the nature of their own country. Crimea and Caucasus, middle strip forest arrays, unique nature reserves as a magnet attract active recreation lovers.

Moreover, it becomes relevant with the onset of May holidays and subsequent summer holidays. Such campaigns do not require excessive financial costs, provide the opportunity to test themselves for strength to everyone and promise a lot of discoveries and pleasant impressions.

Pleasant if you have proven interesting companions and excellent gear nearby. Otherwise, the campaign can turn into a nightmare. A heavy tent can become a magnificent burden, and its inconsistency of the goal of the journey will turn rest in the chain of the next trouble.

When we do the wrong choice, the surrounding reality does not miss the opportunity to specify us for errors and at the same time will not be bought by expressions. Oddly enough, the choice of the manufacturer can become decisive when choosing a tent, since quality always accompanies reputation.

And on hiking conditions, it is the quality of your chosen temporary house that guarantees comfortable living conditions and the overall impression of the future travel. Of course, in cash, such tents will cost you more than the mid-level tents.

But the tent is not bought for one season, and the product of the famous brand will serve longer and more reliable. After you have decided on a brand, go to a more scrupulous selection of a tent, focusing on such important criteria as:

• The size;
• material;
• seams;
• frame;
• Ways to install a tent

In order to avoid the crush and do not sleep on each other on the head, you need to choose a portable home of the appropriate size.

The only nuance in the manufacturer.

One of the most important parameters to pay attention to is the material from which the tent is made. He must have a lot of useful qualities: to reliably protect against rain and wind, to have the ability to «breathe» and at the same time not to be too bulky, in order to transport the tent not turned into an agonizing process.

In modern tents in the manufacture, nylon, polyester and polyethylene are used.

Usually, the instructions for use indicate the characteristics of the tissue. For example, by parameter

Such fabric is more durable and not burdened by overweight. You should also pay attention to such indicators as Si and Pu, indicating the form of impregnation (silicone or polyurethane). And the most important indicator remains waterproof, denoted in the instructions in the MM of water column.

Digital indicators below 1500 mm indicate the absence of the necessary qualities of protection in the tissue. The level of 2500 mm and higher is considered the most acceptable, it guarantees waterproof in almost any weather conditions.

The optimal option is a sizing with a special thermal control, other seam gluing options are less durable and will require from the owner yourself from time to time to smoke the seams of the tent. To ensure a tent necessary stability, you should pay attention to the frame or arc.

Today they are produced from aluminum, steel, durapol and fiberglass. Most preferred steel, however, this material adds overweight tent. Typically, large camping tents are equipped with steel arcs when they no longer pay attention. The cheapest arcs are from Fibrotea, they are less deformed during installation, durable and reliable, but are not durable.

Do not forget when choosing to pay attention to the methods of installing tents, which there are several — internal and external. With an external frame, it is installed outside and is attached to an awning using special pockets, the inner part of the tent, respectively, is attached to the tent.

This type of fastening is most stable and good in adverse weather conditions. With an internal embodiment, the inner part of the tent is attached to the frame, to which the awning can be pulled out. Modern tent is a complex technical structure consisting of an external agent and an inner tent.

When choosing, attention should be paid to the presence of such small things as convenient double zippers, easy to fasten and preferably from frost-resistant materials, pockets, anti-mosquito net and rings for the lamp. The slings should be durable and light, pegs — disgraceful, brass chalks — made carefully and efficiently.

The quality of the tent as a whole will depend on the quality and functionality of its individual items.

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